Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Just because we like it :)
You love the patterns and I love the fantastic comments you send me. Anyway probably by now everybody knows one thing about me: I love playing. I play with beads, colors, shapes and shades and now I play with you, beaders too. This is what happened so far:

Many of you already got a free pattern from me and hope you enjoyed beading it. (If you never got a pattern from me please read the 2. part of the game below)  I know some of you already finished the pattern as I've got many e-mails to check out the finished bracelets and they were amazing. It felt so fantastic to see them and some of them got completely new look too with different colour combinations. You girls are amazing! So just because I like to see how my patterns turn out and start their new life, here it is:


1. Please post this game in your blog with the link to my blog, so other beaders can play it too :) You bead up the pattern you have got from me in July and send me photos to show me the finished piece. You also have to leave a comment to this post so I can follow who is playing :) I'll need your permission to use your photos to promote the patterns. If you changed any of the colours I'll also need the code of the ones you used.
I will name the beader every time I use a photo of a finished piece.
I'll also set up a gallery on my blog to show all the finished pieces with a link to the beader's gallery.

You can send the photos to 

You are allowed to sell the finished piece wherever you want but you have to give credit to me as the designer of the pattern.

After every finished piece you can pick an other pattern from my Etsy shop for free. Meaning: it is up to you how many patterns you get for free. The game will end on 5th Septermber.

  2. All of you who are new to my game can choose one free patterns from the following designs to start the game:





  1. hello, I like your idea.
    I also had one of your patterns, I have not yet started the project because it will end I am finishing a altro.Appena attend to your new game! Thanks for these beautiful ideas and patterns!
    See you soon Lucia

  2. Hi Vicky I did not received my pattern yet (Betty Boo) but I want to continue playing, I like all your pattern, you can send me anyone.

    I post the link of the game in my blog page.
    my email

  3. Hi Viki,
    I finished mine and I will send a photo to you ! I will also mention the new game on my blog
    Greetz, Karin

  4. Hi Viki,

    I finished my betty Boop and i'll send a photo to you !

    I will also mention the new game on my blog,

    Thanks, Sabinette

  5. Hi I would like to know how is the jueo to do exactly to participate, thanks, greetings from Spain

  6. I would love to play this game !
    I have never received one of your pattern but I love the third one !

  7. Hi Viki

    Once again a wonderful idea. Your game is already mentioned on my blog.



  8. Yo ya te he mandado mi pulsera, me ha encantado hacerla.

  9. Hello! This is a lovely game!
    I have never recived your pattern, can i have the last one? BP138

    my email: missflynn[at]
    my blog post:

  10. I am pleased to participate to this game, I didn't in July as I did not have my blog yet. I would be very happy to realise the pattern n° BP34 (hearts) but if not possible I like n° BP22 too (trees).
    my email :
    my blog :
    I will mention this game on it !
    Thanks a lot for the game !

  11. Hi Viki,
    thank you for the new game and the flower power pattern for august, its wonderful, but 20 colours....puhhhh!! I hope, Im not despair ;-)
    greetings from germany

  12. Hi Viki,

    I was too late for the July game, thanx for an extra chance to participate with the August game!
    I placed the link to your game on my blog:

    I would very much like to receive the pattern 'Panda Flowers'(bp 138) and do my best to make my own (colour)version:-))
    My email:

    Thanx for this game!

    'Beadgreets' from Holland!

  13. hoi viki,
    i was to late for the july game and this is maybe a new chance,so,i place the link to youre game in my facebook(!/profile.php?id=1102986844).

    i like Midnight Lilly Peyote Stitch Beading Pattern bp24.
    my email is


  14. Wonderful idea !!

    I like so much BP 141.

    Thank you very much for this initiative.

    mail :

  15. Hi Viki, wonderful idea, I enjoyed so much beading your pattern so I wish I could receive another one. I've alreadu send you a mail with my version.
    I wish to receive the pattern number bp44 - The Golden Age.
    I run and post your game on my blog.


  16. Grazie per quete bellissime griglie che metti a disposizione
    Mi piacerebbe ricevere il 100th
    Metto il tuo bellissimo gioco nel mio blog
    Grazie di cuore

  17. soy novata en esto de los juegos y no sé muy bien como hacer alguno de tus diseños;como soy una apasionada de la delica,el peyote...he puesto un enlace a su juego en mi blog ponerme al día y participar,preciosos todos los diseños

  18. hello
    I sent an email with my pattern over ... I hope you like! ever created with peyote triple!
    I'd like to participate in this new game and I would be delighted if you send me the pattern # 67
    thanks Lu

  19. What a shame ... I can never finish it on September 5th ... I hope other games will you organize your patterns are beautiful! See you soon Meanwhile I have become your follower Deborah!

  20. what a nice idea! Can I receive the pattern of BP141 at ?

  21. Hello,

    I finished the "Push the Button" and i'll send a photo to you !

    I will also mention the new game on my blog,

    Thank you very much

    Kisses of France

  22. Hello Viki, I do really enjoy beading your "Cappuccino" pattern. I've already send you a mail with my interpretation.
    I would like to receive the pattern number bp112 - Tarnished Nature at
    I post your game on my blog.



  23. Hi Viky, just in time!!!
    I'll send you a mail with my photo!! It's not too bad..... :)
    It's very difficult.... but I would like to receive bp22 at
    Thank you very much

  24. Hi Vicky,
    I think I signed up for the last game too late :(.
    However, I am totally psyched to join the game this month!!! I would love to try pattern BP22. Please send the pattern to kelly.r.morin(at)gmail(dot)com.

    I created a blog post about the game on my blog

    Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity! I love your designs!


  25. Hello,

    Did you received my comment here below?


    Hello Viki, I do really enjoy beading your "Cappuccino" pattern. I've already send you a mail with my interpretation.
    I would like to receive the pattern number bp112 - Tarnished Nature at
    I post your game on my blog.


    August 19, 2010 9:37 AM

  26. Hi Viki,
    I blogged about your game back in July, but forgot to let you know :D I would love to get the pattern for the tree (BP22). My email: peikkojakeiju (at)