Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Mia Bracelet

Finally got some time to finish work-in-progress beading projects. Having huge gaps between beading sucks on multiple level...

First of all, I love beading and not having the time to do it as often as I would like to makes life less enjoyable.

Then, by the time I sit down again to finish or write down a project I forgot how I did it at the first place. Now I can retrace my steps... Excellent!

But... retracing my steps leads to new ideas, and that's exactly how Mia happened :) Originally it was a ring, and when I tried to figure out how I made it (without cutting it up lol) it just occurred to me how cool it would look as a bracelet. And tadah!
The pattern is available here: Mia

The holiday SALE is still on for the next few days so you can get it 25% cheaper if you use the voucher code "happychristmas" at checkout. (Offer ends 1st January midnight).

I still plan to finish the ring version and from next year I will have more time to bead thanks for some much appreciated help with babysitting :)

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