Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hyper mood - when you can't put down the thread...

I have many things to show you guys and guess what, I made all of these in the last two weeks!
I'm full with ideas and can't put down the thread.
The gods love me for sure.
Or I'm just lucky enough to LOVE my work.

I got too many pictures to post them in one blog post so will write one for each of them.
First I made this triangle pendant about one and a half week ago (I know, shame on me not posting photos immediately). I started with a red-gold-metallic pink combination:

 and it turned out to be so much fun to bead that I made the blue - pale pink version on the same day (night):

After I finished the second pendant I realized I forgot to write notes about the steps - again... 
So here comes the third pendant because I needed those notes... :

Hope you like them - or at least one of them.
I love all of them, but that's okay, their my sweet kids :)
I'm still working on a bracelet tutorial (more about this one later) but after I finished that I will start the triangles.

Will be back soon with more pictures. Have a great Tuesday!