Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two tone tree peyote cuff bracelet

I've finished the black and white version of my peyote design Two tone tree, hope I'll have time to take a picture today and upload it. To be honest I think this color combination is fantastic :)
However I didn't have time make new designs but I have plenty of older pattern I haven't uploaded yet. Here is two of them (of course one will be the Two tone tree)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Topday's patterns

I don't have much time to write and to be honest I don't even feel like writing. Too many things are going on -mainly good stuffs- and I feel I could sleep through a whole week... Anyway, I try to catch up with the pattern upload:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy weekend

My brother's girlfriend just moved to our family house and I'm truly happy for them :) Now there are 8 of us in a big house. Of course just temporarily as we are building our own house just next to my parent's house, on the same plot. To be honest I had so many things to do today I hardly found time to make new design. It's a simple one but hope you'll like it anyway :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Finishing designs

I have a huge number of designs "in progress". Meaning: I started them some time ago and either never finished them or didn't like the result... So today I just went through all the designs and guess what: I managed to finish quite a few of them :) Here are those two I like the most:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Got something done

Eventually I finished some of my tasks today. A new page was added - by me - to my website. I uploaded the first page of the Abstract & Geometric patterns, you can check it out here:
I even had time to upload patterns to Artfire, Dawanda and Shop Handmade. It is so great that there are so many fantastic crafter site out there. I remember 5 years ago I hardly find any site I could sell handmade jewellery...
So this was a very productive day and here comes the cherry on the cake:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just an other day - crap rainy one....

When I started my hungarian blog I was kind of worried that I'll write exactly the same things here that I write there so this blog won't be as interesting as the hungarian. But the thing is when I write in English it seems I use a different part of my mind. My thoghts are different in English than in Hungarian. Don't ask me why... Anyway, I realised I have to come up with a daily rutin asap because 24 hours never seems to be enough to finish (or start) everything I wanted. I had an other very busy day with horrible weather. It was raining all day - very unusal in Hungary this time of the year. I hate it. I spent most of the day inside yet it's nearly 11pm and I have not finished everything I planned for today. I made some new patterns /I always find time to do that but you should see our laundry room.../. I hope you'll like them:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to nature

I'm kind of busy in these days. I make new designs every day but sometimes just don't have time to upload them. I should come up with a daily routin....

Okay here are yesterday's and today's patterns. I just try to keep it simple. They only use a couple of colors :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Art deco and geometry

I'm kind of hooked. I think I made too much flower design. Allan agreed I think he started to have trouble with the names. (This is how my lily *BP100* ended up with "lunatic" in it's name...) I'm sure he'll be happy not to see any more lily, pansy and other plants and flowers. At least for a while :) Now I'm into geometry, symetric stuffs, art deco etc. I love it. I hope you will too...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The 100th design and the first sale

Today I've finished the 100th peyote bracelet design. Of course I have a lot "in progress" but I'll only count those when they are done. Incredible how much time I can spend playing around with the colors... Sometimes I got them right in a couple of minutes but I have some design I've finished a month ago but not happy with the Whole Picture.
And here is an other special number: I had my FIRST sale from my website. This feels so fantastic! Not just because I'm happy that someone actually found my site which is only live for a few days but the fact that I made the site. I got some help from Allan but other than that designed, built and finished the whole thing alone. I only just started to upload the patterns. Now I've got all the floral patterns uploaded and started the Abstract and Geometric patterns.

And here is the 100th pattern:It's not listed yet anywhere, will be in a couple of days.

Friday, May 7, 2010

One more thing

I just started my Hungarian blog. You can check it out here. I do not ask you to read it unless you speak the language :) But the pics can be interesting even if you don't understand my posts and you can leave comments too (I mean about the pictures)

Life is back to normal again

Allan's family arrived home safely. So my life is back to normal again. Meaning: work, work and more work. Of course I love it :) The good thing is that my work is also my hobby, my passion. I have many new designs now however I had no time to list them on Etsy or Beadcoop yet. But I'm on it. Promise.

I noticed I tend to have "color-periods". I mean sometimes I'm so much into a color that I make several designs using the same shades. I had orange days last week, check them out:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back from the Airport

Now I'm kind of tired. I drove back and forth to Budapest Airport as Allan's mum and stepdad were here for a week and flew back to the UK a couple of hours ago. Now I'm back home and have to finish several jewellery before 6 pm as the Post office will close at 7 in the nearest town (Dunaujvaros - 15 minutes driving). But really wanted to show something pretty. I made that a couple of weeks ago and really like it. It looks like hot gold. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who am I?

I know this is one of the BIG questions of life. (Followed by: where I'm from and where am I going...?) I don't really want to go into details so try to be short. I moved to the UK in 2005, fell in love with a fantastic man from Scotland, moved back to my country in 2009 with him (Allan) and my 3-year-old daughter, Rebecca. So, you see, English is not my mother language, however I live my life using English more than Hungarian. Rebecca was born in the UK in 2006. I found quite a bit shocking that the financial support from the government only last 6 months in the UK /it is 3 years in Hungary/ so really had to come up with an idea: How the hell will I make enough money to pay the bills and food etc? I REALLY didn't want to go back to work as I felt my baby is just too young to be separated from me when she was 6 months old. And this is how it started.
I always felt big affinity toward beads. I ordered I few pack of Swarovski crystals and it took about 2 days before my imagination went crazy. I got lots of design in my head so I had to DO something with those little sparkling beads. So this is how I started to design and make bridal jewellery with Swarovski crystals and it was a real big hit for me. Not just helped me to make a living (saving me from the sponge factory where I was a machine setter before Rebecca was born) but also gave me a new hobby. It didn't take long to realize other people liked what I made and I found real good sites - like Etsy - to sell my jewellery. Now this was a long time ago or feels like it, anyway. Jewellery business is still up and running very well, but after more than 3 years I felt I want to do something different. Okay, still beads (what else?), but not crystals, not bridal. This is how I found peyote. I started to make my first peyote cuff based on a nice floral pattern but I was not happy with the color combination. Didn't take long to get myself a program which I could use to design my own patterns. Now, this was the point I fell in love with Peyote stitch and bead weaving in general. I'm designing patterns every day now, it feels I just can't stop it. I was afraid at the beginning that I'll run out of ideas but now, after more than 100 patterns (and about 2-4 more every day) I realized that I'll never run out of ideas as I'm inspired by just about anything
If you like what I make you can find my patterns on or in my Etsy shop.


... with the language. I'm originally from Hungary but my husband (-to-be) is from Scotland. I'm a jewellery designer and crafter. Big fun of peyote stitch and Swarovski crystals :)
I'm running two businesses at the same time, one in Hungary and one it the UK. The problem is I wanted to have a blog using both languages but to be honest that idea died within 2 seconds after it's birth... I thought first, that it will be easy, one post in English, one in Hungarian. Then I realized it will be rather confusing for the readers... So I figured two blogs would sort the problem. This is "THE ENGLISH" blog. Yeah, sometimes you just can't choose the Easy Way...