Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who am I?

I know this is one of the BIG questions of life. (Followed by: where I'm from and where am I going...?) I don't really want to go into details so try to be short. I moved to the UK in 2005, fell in love with a fantastic man from Scotland, moved back to my country in 2009 with him (Allan) and my 3-year-old daughter, Rebecca. So, you see, English is not my mother language, however I live my life using English more than Hungarian. Rebecca was born in the UK in 2006. I found quite a bit shocking that the financial support from the government only last 6 months in the UK /it is 3 years in Hungary/ so really had to come up with an idea: How the hell will I make enough money to pay the bills and food etc? I REALLY didn't want to go back to work as I felt my baby is just too young to be separated from me when she was 6 months old. And this is how it started.
I always felt big affinity toward beads. I ordered I few pack of Swarovski crystals and it took about 2 days before my imagination went crazy. I got lots of design in my head so I had to DO something with those little sparkling beads. So this is how I started to design and make bridal jewellery with Swarovski crystals and it was a real big hit for me. Not just helped me to make a living (saving me from the sponge factory where I was a machine setter before Rebecca was born) but also gave me a new hobby. It didn't take long to realize other people liked what I made and I found real good sites - like Etsy - to sell my jewellery. Now this was a long time ago or feels like it, anyway. Jewellery business is still up and running very well, but after more than 3 years I felt I want to do something different. Okay, still beads (what else?), but not crystals, not bridal. This is how I found peyote. I started to make my first peyote cuff based on a nice floral pattern but I was not happy with the color combination. Didn't take long to get myself a program which I could use to design my own patterns. Now, this was the point I fell in love with Peyote stitch and bead weaving in general. I'm designing patterns every day now, it feels I just can't stop it. I was afraid at the beginning that I'll run out of ideas but now, after more than 100 patterns (and about 2-4 more every day) I realized that I'll never run out of ideas as I'm inspired by just about anything
If you like what I make you can find my patterns on or in my Etsy shop.

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