Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just an other day - crap rainy one....

When I started my hungarian blog I was kind of worried that I'll write exactly the same things here that I write there so this blog won't be as interesting as the hungarian. But the thing is when I write in English it seems I use a different part of my mind. My thoghts are different in English than in Hungarian. Don't ask me why... Anyway, I realised I have to come up with a daily rutin asap because 24 hours never seems to be enough to finish (or start) everything I wanted. I had an other very busy day with horrible weather. It was raining all day - very unusal in Hungary this time of the year. I hate it. I spent most of the day inside yet it's nearly 11pm and I have not finished everything I planned for today. I made some new patterns /I always find time to do that but you should see our laundry room.../. I hope you'll like them:


  1. Hi...i really love the flowers of the first bracelet!!

  2. :) I'm glad you like it. I just needed some spring feeling because the weather is horrible over here... It's supposed to be 25-28 degrees not 8 with pouring rain... Anyway, I love flowers and floral designs in general. Half of my patterns have flowers in them :D