Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Playing with Super Duos: Wings Bracelet

I have lot's of fun with the two hole beads, and very happy to have my beading Mojo back :) It seems spring has a good effect on inspirationg...

The bracelet looked like several wings on top of each other hence the name.

The pattern is already available on Etsy:

The first version was the green & blue and I was very pleased with the contrast between the colours. I recently bought the Jet Picasso Super Duos and really wanted to try them but finding a colour I liked with it was more difficult than I would have thought, but finally the hole thing just came together, and now I like this even more than the green-blue version!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Amphitrite - the bracelet

   I re-beaded one of my pendant to take pics for the tutorial but by the time I've finished the beading it turned out the be a bracelet... :)

I thought it's only fair to name it after the pendant which inspired it.

The pattern is already available on Etsy

I made it in shades of green but highly tempted to make a white version with purple Swarovski Rivoli stones. 

Please, feel free to leave a comment I'm always happy to read your thoughts about my beadwork.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some unfinished business

This bold bracelet was waiting for me since June...Can't believe how long it took, but finally it's finished!
I made 3 versions: Smoked Topaz & copper twin beads, Metallic blue & matte graphite, Dorado & matte graphite.
 I named it LEDA: she was the mother of the twin brothers Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology. Their story is quite interesting (you can look it up in Wikipedia). The name refers to the twin beads I used - I'm getting addicted to them and the Super Duo beads too...  It needs LOTS of bicones, but you won't regret it, it will sparkle like crazy!!! 

Anyway, it's not for shy girls, you will see... I've listed the tutorial on the usual sites, I link here the one on ETSY,
but you can find it on Artfire, Bead Patterns Boutique and The Beadcoop too.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Beading happens

Can't believe how behind I'm with blogging... Will try to catch up in the next few days (weeks) and post a few pictures.

A few things got done since my last blog post, here is the first, a wide super duo bracelet called Astral. I'm working simultaneously on our website, new tutorials and an update/face lift on the old tutorials so they will be all nice and printer friendly.
I also made a promise to myself to finish a box of unfinished / just started beading projects, we will se how well it goes... To be honest I could do with an extra 10 hours each day but who doesn't?