Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Playing with Super Duos: Wings Bracelet

I have lot's of fun with the two hole beads, and very happy to have my beading Mojo back :) It seems spring has a good effect on inspirationg...

The bracelet looked like several wings on top of each other hence the name.

The pattern is already available on Etsy:

The first version was the green & blue and I was very pleased with the contrast between the colours. I recently bought the Jet Picasso Super Duos and really wanted to try them but finding a colour I liked with it was more difficult than I would have thought, but finally the hole thing just came together, and now I like this even more than the green-blue version!


  1. Hi,
    wow very very beautiful... i love it

  2. Hello!
    That's a very nice bracelet.
    It really looks like little wings stacked on each other.