Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm setting up my Artfire shop

I've spent most of my day to finish the shop sections in my Artfire shop. I'm a seller there for about a year but went pro only now when they had the group deal. I think this was one of the best decision I made. :) Today I had my first sale since I'm pro. No surprise here, since I've changed Black Gold to Tarnished Nature this is one of my fellow beaders favourite pattern:


I set up a proper fan page for FDEkszer on Facebook:
FDEkszer on Facebook

Also updated the Twitter account, so now it shows our name too :) If you like cool jewellery I teweeted 5 fantastic bracelet from Artfire today :)
FDEkszer on Twitter

To be honest I'm still learning both sites but this whole social networking really seems like a fantastic opportunity for crafters and artists.

In the mean time my father-in-law is here from Scotland, and guess what, he doesn't speak Hungarian, so I'm a full time interpreter too :)

Tomorrow I will be out, we are going to visit one of the most fantastic cave in Hungary. Hope the weather stays sunny, I hate rain and clouds.


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