Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New tutorials in my new Etsy shop

okay, not everything is new. I'm the same old me :)
Did I mention at all that I opened a new Etsy shop for the tutorials? Well, it was necessary because my little beauties got lost among the 200+ peyote pattern unless I put them in the featured window. This worked with 2 tutorials, but  I run out of space :)
So I opened a second (actually third, my second is the FDEkszer Loom Patterns shop) shop which has now more than 4 tutorials in it. To be precise it has exactly 5 items in it. But not for long :) I keep uploading the tutorials I've done already.
Today I managed to upload the Asteria Bracelet:
Asteria Bracelet

 and yesterday the pendant:
Asteria Pendant

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  1. Espectacular, precioso el pendiente y la pulsera un lujo...