Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Tila stuff and future new game

Okay, you could say I'm in kind of a Tila-fever and you have not even seen the stuff on my beading trays waiting to be shown. These little tricky squares got built in to my mind and keep my imagination occupied. I honestly don't mind it at least I'm concentrating something less stressful then swapping country in January...
Okay, here is the next one, which is technically the first one but had a very crap picture due to lack of sunshine and patience.
This one is called "Tila Time" but I'm kind of getting bored of my choice of names as far as Tila stuff is concerned. (Guess what, I also have one on my try called Tila Ribbon. May be I could just use T.Ribbon, like a decent family name.) 

So, back to the main stuff, I have the tutorial for this one in my Etsy shop, but sorry guys you still have to wait for my other Tila bracelet I posted yesterday. The graphics are done for the tutorial, only instructions are missing and will finish that tomorrow.

Also I have something in my mind about a new game as the first game I had on my blog was extremely successful. I'm still getting huge hit on THAT post with the free Peyote patterns. Well, obviously I can't give away all my patterns for free to everybody, but I will do for on lucky guy (randomly picked of course) who will comment on my future post - I will post when I finished the tutorial - and shares it with others. Okay, this was one complex and long sentence. The point is, I will make a blog post probably tomorrow about the new tutorial and just leave a comment and post it on your blog or Facebook and you can be the winner of my newest tutorial. 
We will see how it goes and I may do this game for my other new tutorials too. What do you think?


  1. I like this design too. You come up with some of the greatest designs. I know I have really enjoyed using the two hole delica beads.... what fun they are to create with! ~KM

  2. You surly have me dreaming of a tila stash! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. I am so loving the Tila bead designs people are creating and this is not exception...so glad I follow your blog so that I can keep up with your latest Tila bead designs...thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been in a tila rut. Please checkout my last two posts on my blog. I think I may be done with them for a while but I love your bracelet!!!