Monday, June 27, 2011

Facebook Fever

Yeah, it reached me too. I tried to resist but I lost... 
To be honest, I've seen that people around me use FB to make their PERSONAL life completely open to anybody. It was just too weird for me. Worse than a blog. No Privacy any more in your life. 

Than it hit me: there are thousands of beaders out there and how great it would be to know what they are up to! So now what my personal profile used to be is an FDEkszer beading fan profile. I keep connecting friends from all over the planet and feels so good to find like minded and check out their fantastic beadwork!

If I have not found you yet, you can make the first step too :)

Now in the mean time - even if I seemed to be very quiet - we are working very hard to get all the patterns available to our customers on all the different sites. I hope this part of our job will be done very soon because I miss beading very much. Converting our patterns to loom is a huge job even if it seems great fun. We have nearly 300 patterns to convert and make a PDF for the Loom Pattern, than upload them to all the sites we sell beading patterns. 

On etsy we have a separate Loom shop :
  FDEkszer Loom Patterns with nearly 90 patterns available.

Our Artfire shop FDEkszer got a completely new look. Allan designed everything, I think it looks fantastic. He also started to upload the Loom patterns and will add some new everyday.

Here are the two latest addition on Artfire and Etsy:


The Camomile Lawn


As always, I appreciate every comment and feedback.
Have a great Monday!

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