Monday, July 4, 2011

I could not resist anymore

I had to touch my beads. Looking at them did not satisfy me any more. In the last 2 months I had way too many things in my life to deal with and even more stuff on my desk to finish (or start...) Unfortunately non of those things on my desk related to beading. 
Yesterday (I could have predicted that before...) my addiction won. I decided to tide up my beading trays. All 6 of them. 
Of course packing beads usually ends up beading. (Hope I'm not alone with this.)
So I thought I could make a copy of a pendant I made about 2 months ago, but - of course - forgot to take notes while I was beading. It is SOOOOO me...
Anyway, it seemed quite a simple task, but after I did the bezel around the rivoli I managed to miss-bead something. Well, the  pendant did not look like the original at all, however I liked the result so much that I started to work with it.

Here is my first born:

I know I went crazy with the colors, but we had horrible dark and cloudy day and tried to make up for the weather.

And why should I stop after one pendant when I can bead two? Two is always better than one, right?
My second one worked up faster after I picked the colors. However I spent more time to choose the right shades than to bead it up... If I don't like the colors together I will hate the result too... And I don't like to hate my own beadwork, so sometimes (usually...) spend more time with the color picking than with the actual beading...

And here are the twins together. They don't even look like they are related... Incredible how the colors effect the (optical) shape of the pendants.

I have not got name yet, so they are called twins just now.
If you have any good idea, don't be shy and share it with me :)

Have a great Monday,


  1. I would love to know what pattern you used. They are wonderful.

  2. Love the colors. They are so much fun!