Thursday, July 14, 2011

Petals and cubes

This sweet pendant started as a logical decision to do something with my Miyuki cubes. I really love them, in fact I love them so much I have a whole box of them in all different colors and finishes. But be honest: beside the fact that they don't look that good in a plastic box I really intended to use them. 
Sometime. Somewhere.
I started to play around with these pretty cubes back in May, just before we moved and I managed to come up with the idea of the petal, but really did not like how they were around the rivoli. Now I'm on a mission to finish the tutorial for ALL of my pendants I designed this year (yep, I'm addicted, once I'm beading, hard to stop it to make tutorials...) and found this little bit ugly looking flower pendant.
I really loved the colors together so decided to give it a facelift. Literally. As I moved the petals one row lower in the bezel the rivoli looked bigger and more dominant. Really loved the result:

After I finished the purple-pink rather girlish flower I wanted something elegant, and really loved how the frosted teal flower turned out. These frosted colors go so very well with the sparkling rivolis, don't you think?

I could have been satisfied with these too, and start to work on the tutorial but I felt something was missing :) After the fashion-pink and the elegant-teal I just had to try this one to satisfy my joyful "Me"

Mission accomplished!
I was really happy with my new pendants and also got good comments on my Facebook page so it was time to open my graphics program to do all the diagrams and drawings. I was surprised how easy it was now, that I knew every step by heart. I should not postpone the tutorials in the future, it is so much easier to do straight after the beading part is done! Always learn something new, don't we?
Yesterday night I managed to finish the tutorial and listed it in my ETSY shop, here:

But that's not all to it. I also decided to run a 15% off discount in my tutorial shop to celebrate that me and my beads found each other again. To receive the discount for your entire order in my tutorials shop use this code:


Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

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