Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beading again

After a super long (4 months) break I finally have found the time to bead again. 
Our life is upside down since December and the last year was pretty tough anyway.

Some of you probably know that my girl was diagnosed with autism about a year ago and after that moment everything started to go sideway big time. We tried everything to find her a nursery or a school where she can get the right development and being looked after during the day (she is 5 years old) but there was none.

After 1 year of strugle  we were techniquly forced to move back to the UK because the lack of development and care in my country. We moved in January and the last 2 months we were filling papers, seeing doctors, and organising interviews to find her the right place where she gets the right development and education. She is a very  special and loving little girl who needs help and we were willing to do anything to get it for her.
It was (is) a very stressful period in our life but I'm happy to say it's worth the effort: Babe will start in her school on the 16th of April. I couldn't be happier :)

Now that our life started to be a little bet more predictable and we have filled most of the forms and seen most of the professionals I finally found some time to bead.

This bangle is a super fast and simple piece, made with cubic right angle weave and really versatile.
 I finished two colour variation so far, a green  ...

... and a white and also working on a black with colourful pattern in it. It only takes a few hours to bead up and very comfortable to wear.
I kind of like it. It's noticeable for sure, not for shy girls...

Working on the tutorial, the drawings are done, hope to finish the instructions in the next 2 days and will list it for sale as soon as I'm done :)


  1. Örülök, hogy sikerült iskolát találnotok!

    A karkötőd csodás és különleges!