Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Simple Spark

Found new addiction, I'm doing Cubic Right Angle Weave day and night. And in between whatever it's called. Loving it.

Also, as you may noticed my listing images changed and they are not alone. I also gave a face lift to my PDFs. They will be super printer friendly from now on. The Hidden Pebbles Bangle already got the new PDF and as my time allows I will change the PDF for all my tutorials. I think the new designs (photo and the pdf) are really pretty and can't wait to get some feedback on them from you, guys.

From tomorrow I'm working on the tutorial for Simple Spark and I also have an ongoing project which is called the "Ultimate Peyote Guide" and I hope to finish that one this week too.

Have great day, bead a lot and enjoy the super spring weather. We had 20+ Celsius here in Essex, soooo love the sunshine :) 

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